Monday, May 19, 2014

Three Weeks of Analysis, Retrospect and Anticipation

As California Chrome races for history in about three weeks, our bloggers are going to be all over the build up to the race.  Many have already deconstructed the Preakness and have weighed on "Nasalgate".  You'll read historical pieces as well as breakdowns of the 'new shooters' (any way to ban the use of that?) that will be looking to deflate the Chromies as their hero steps into the gate the first Saturday in June.

The Belmont has traditionally been the toughest obstacle to overcome.  This may be because of the distance involved or it's position in the series after two tough races in the previous five weeks.  Whatever the reason, you'll read about pedigree, strategy, pace and racing luck and their various influences on the race.

Racing could use a hero right now and maybe California Chrome is it.  Or maybe he's the wrong hero as one of our bloggers has already speculated?  There are many positions to take and you'll be able to read about most of them through our TURF bloggers.

Enjoy the build up and the race!

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