Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stretch Run to the Derby

As we start to turn for home in the Run for the Roses our bloggers are heating up as well presenting prescient race previews, pedigree analysis and insightful commentary on the racing issues of the day. 

I have to confess that keeping up with everyone can be a challenge at times and we apologize to our members, and their readers, that post pre-race analysis that we end up not getting out in time.

That will change.

Going forward we will be making a point to get logged in on Friday afternoons to make sure that the good work done by The Turk, Brian Nadeau (via Brooklyn Backstretch) and others get as wide an audience as we can help give them.  Granted, they do a great job on their own and have substantial readerships and our help is but a drop in the ocean...but still, they deserve better than we have given them lately and we will do better.

Thanks for tuning in and reading our writers.  Please keep spreading the word to your friends and family, by "liking" us on Facebook and "following" us on Twitter and "sharing" articles you find interesting, intriguing, fun and/or thought provoking!

Happy Derby Trail!

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